Wine 8.0 helps you run more Windows apps on Linux and Mac

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Wine is your best tool if you have Linux, macOS or even a PC Haiku and you want to check the Windows program from time to time. Version 8.0 of the popular tool is now available, and it looks great.

The most significant change in Wine 8.0 is that all Wine modules can be compiled into a portable executable format, or PE for short. It’s a big step forward in improving compatibility with Windows software, especially copy protection, Windows debuggers, and other types of apps and games that often have problems with Wine. Wine also opens the door to running more reliably on non-Unix operating systems, and may one day allow x86 applications to run on ARM devices without additional compatibility layers.

According to the developers, this change was made four years ago. However, it still needs some polishing – some programs may still execute Unix calls instead of going the NT system call route. The Wine team said in their announcement: “Remaining direct calls will be removed during the Wine 8.x development phase.”

And while it’s probably the most important change, it’s not the only one. Wine is also improving the graphics side of things, with support for more graphics cards and a new version of the Vulkan graphics driver. However, we recommend that you take a deep look at the changelog if you’re interested in checking this out, because it’s changed a lot.

The wine is amazing, and this release is getting even better. you can install Wine 8.0 through the normal process, but version 8.0 may yet be rolled out to all platforms and software repositories. Such as some Wine-based applications CrossOverit will probably take some time to update.

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