Twitter will no longer force you into a timeline ‘for you’ on the web • TechCrunch

In another flip-flop move, Twitter said it will now remember the feed — algorithmic “for you” or chronological “follow” — that its users have chosen on the web. This change will relieve many who complained that the social network showed them algorithmic timelines by default every time they visited the service.

The move is the latest in a series of changes Twitter has made to its dual timeline implementation in recent days. It is first created Algorithmic timeline is the default on iOS earlier this month. On the web, things are a little more confusing.

  • January 13: Twitter introduced dual-timeline updates to the web but at the time the social network used to remember your preferences.
  • January 20: The company defaults to a “for you” feed on the web when users first open Twitter in a tab or refresh the page.
  • 24 January: Now, Twitter remembers your preferences again. World peace.

Twitter also added that similar updates will be rolled out to the Twitter iOS and Android apps. So soon mobile apps will no longer have algorithmic timelines by default.

Many power Twitter users who use third-party Twitter apps have never had to deal with algorithmic timelines. But now that Elon Musk & co. there is Third-party apps made and killed Changes to API rulesUsers have no option but to use the official Twitter app or website.

This week’s move goes to a growing file of contrary decisions under the mask. file included Bringing back the Twitter Blue program that was launched in November and removing terms that prohibit users Posting links to other social media profiles in December.

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