Ticket prices for NFL Championship Week are astronomical

(Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images)

The NFL Conference Championship Sunday is one of the best on the NFL calendar every year.

When the top two teams in each conference get together to see who goes to the Super Bowl, every team wants a piece of it.

But the fans of these teams have also been waiting for these games all year.

This is why the demand for tickets to these games is so high.

For the Bengals-Chiefs rematch of last year’s AFC championship, the lowest ticket price is $411.

Then for the Eagles-49ers NFC Championship, the highest ticket prices for that game are $6,219.

Both of these games will be played in open stadiums, but that certainly won’t bother the fans.

It will be interesting to see how many Bengals and 49ers fans can sneak into away stadiums.

The 49ers fan base is known to be well traveled and they have many fans across the country.

​​​​​​While Bengals fans may not have as strong of a nationwide fan base, you could hear them taking over Buffalo last week.

Both of these games should be big contests, and neither team is projected to win by more than a field goal.

All teams except the Eagles returned to the championship game for the second consecutive season.

So it will be interesting to see if that level of experience can be a factor for a team like the 49ers.

Aside from the insane ticket prices, expect these games to be two of the most popular in the NFL this season.

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