The 10-year-old iPhone 5S lives on with a new security update from Apple

Apple has released a new security update for the popular iPhone 5S since it went on sale almost a decade ago.

The new update, which carries the version number 12.5.7, is another software update Apple is rolling out to its iPhone, iPad, and Mac lineup.

But this update is particularly notable because it fixes a security flaw in a very old iPhone from a company accused of making iPhones obsolete before their time.

It’s important to download and install the new security update if you’re still using an iPhone 5S. Apple says it can “process maliciously crafted web content that can execute arbitrary code.” That’s obviously something you don’t want to happen.

Apple’s iPhone 5S is the oldest phone to get the security update, though it’s not the only one. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are almost old and they too can be updated to the same version now. We recommend that you do so sooner rather than later.

Historically, Apple has been pretty good at releasing new feature updates for its iPhones, even if they’re no longer the latest and greatest. But security updates are perhaps even more important and it’s always good for companies like Apple to roll out when needed.

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