“Severe” concern for woman missing after breaking into Gold Coast home

The police are seriously concerned about the woman who left missing since Gold Coast after an alleged burglary and trespass to his property.

Wendy Sleeman, 61, called police after arriving home to find her home in Demirbark Street, Elanorahad, broken into at around 3am last night.

Detective Superintendent Brendan Smith said Sleeman disappeared within half an hour of reporting the crime.

Wendy Sleeman and Slade Murdock are missing in Elanora.
Wendy Sleeman went missing half an hour after break and entering. (Queensland Police)

Police found blood in the home and a burnt doormat at the home in Elanora.

“The scene behind us will prove that there was some violence there and also that a fire was started but put out,” Smith said.

Sleeman’s son, Slade Murdoch, 30, was seen walking to his mother’s house yesterday afternoon, dressed in dark clothing and carrying a rucksack.

He left his white Ford sedan parked on the corner.

He then left Sleeman’s house in a blue Honda Jazz with registration 952AT4.

“Wendy is described as Caucasian, approximately 153cm tall, with a heavy build and short brown hair,” police said.

Wendy Sleeman and Slade Murdock are missing in Elanora.
A blue Honda Jazz is looking for police. (Queensland Police)

“Slade is described as Caucasian in appearance, approximately 180cm tall, with a well-proportioned build and dark brown hair.”

Police have “grave concerns” for Sleeman’s welfare and the incident was not a random attack.

“It clearly indicates that there was an altercation between the homeowner and someone we believe to be his son,” Smith said.

“I can say from my experience as an investigator that there are signs of violence and evidence of a struggle. The disappearance and the evidence at the scene make it highly suspicious.

Slade Murdoch.
Slade Murdoch. (Queensland Police)

“This is clearly a targeted matter between mother and son.”

Smith said there had been some ongoing issues between Sleeman and Murdoch since 2016.

“There has been support from government agencies along the way and unfortunately it appears to have failed,” he said.

Smith said police were concerned about Murdock’s state of mind because he had previously threatened to harm officers.

Smith added that Sleeman and Murdoch had domestic violence orders dating back to 2021.

9News understands that Sleeman is currently teaching English at Langports. Yesterday, his son went to the workplace to threaten him.

“Earlier in the day, like yesterday at Wendy’s, the victim reported that her son was near her place of business,” Smith said.

Friday’s court appearance in the civil jurisdiction could be a “catalyst for behavior,” Smith said.

Police believe the pair may be closer to Brisbane at this point and are concentrating their efforts in the area.

If members of the public see Murdoch and Sleeman, they are advised not to approach the 30-year-old and to call the authorities immediately.

“I am concerned about his state of mind and the risk of people trying to interact with him without proper training,” he said.

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