Rick and Morty will continue, but without Justin Roiland

In a statement per The Hollywood ReporterAdult Swim/Cartoon Network Senior Vice President of Communications Marie Moore announced that the network has “terminated its relationship with Justin Roiland.”

According to THR Sources, plans are currently underway for Roiland Rick and Morty The role will be recast, and co-creator Dan Harmon will take over as the show’s sole showrunner, though Roiland will still be credited as a co-creator.

A Tweet Posted to Officer Rick and Morty The Twitter account did not elaborate beyond that but said the remaining crew of the show is still working on season seven.

According to a criminal complaint filed in May 2020 by an anonymous woman, Royland’s complaint “intentionally and unlawfully inflicted bodily injury” and “unlawfully violated the personal liberty” of his then-partner, who was subsequently granted a protective order against him later that year. Roiland pleaded not guilty to the charges.

as THR Note, adults are still in the thick of swimming A massive 70-episode order much more Rick and Morty That it was first finalized in 2018 left few options on how to proceed without involving Roiland. Roiland’s next pre-trial appearance is set for April 27.

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