Pennsylvania woman accused of ‘branding’, sexually assaulting and using four children to obtain drugs: DA

Pennsylvania State PoliceA 19-year-old woman pleaded guilty Tuesday to sexually assaulting and physically torturing four children, according to the district attorney.

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stolstheimer announced multiple charges against Anais Munoz of Chester, Pennsylvania, which include child endangerment, aggravated indecent assaultinvoluntary rejection of sexual intercourse and sexual violence.

The Pennsylvania district attorney said Anais Munoz allegedly physically and sexually abused four children over a two-year period beginning in 2020.

The Pennsylvania district attorney said Anais Munoz allegedly physically and sexually abused four children over a two-year period beginning in 2020.
(Delaware County District Attorney)

The four minor victims were between the ages of 7 and 13, and the abuse continued over a two-year period beginning in 2020, the same year Muñoz began living with the victims’ family, according to a news release from Stolstheimer’s office.


“This is a truly horrific case involving the physical and mental torture of the young victims,” ​​Stolstheimer said. “Using a wide variety of devices, the defendant sought to inflict physical pain on these children, whether by strangling them with a rope, beating them with a bat, or branding them with an iron.”

By using these torture methods, he added, Muñoz sought to control her victims so that they would not reveal her “disgusting” behavior and continue to derive sexual pleasure from them.

She also used children to get drugs off the streets, the DA said.

“These children will carry the physical and emotional scars of the defendant’s conduct for the rest of their lives,” Stolstheimer said. “Unfortunately, we cannot undo this tragedy, but rest assured that we will do everything in our power to support these victims and bring those responsible to justice.”

FILE - Police caution tape at a crime scene.

FILE – Police caution tape at a crime scene.

Chester Police Department responded to reports of child abuse at a home on W. 8th Street, and on Jan. 5, the victims were interviewed at the Wallingford Child Advocacy Center in Delaware County.


Victims have detailed Muñoz’s acts of physical and sexual abuse, which began in 2020.

The children said objects such as a lighter, a hammer, a torch, coat hangers, a computer, knives, cords and blades were used to abuse them, and even said a hair straightener was used several times on the two older victims, burning their thigh , genitals and buttocks.

There were also allegations of physical abuse and extensive sexual assault, where the two older victims were forced to sexually gratify Munoz. The younger victims witnessed the latter and were able to testify about the charges.


To prevent the children from telling their mother, Munoz allegedly threatened them, causing them to lie to their mother about the source of their injuries.

Stolstheimer said the sexual assault allegedly took place at night while the victim’s parents were asleep.

Munoz is currently in custody in New Jersey and is expected to be extradited to Delaware County on Wednesday.

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