Joe Burrow’s confidence is at a level of its own

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

The Cincinnati Bengals were taken from a bottom-feeder team and are now an annual favorite for the AFC Championship.

Although several players involved in the game have led to this rise in status, one player rises above the rest.

Joe Burrow was a driving force not only for the Bengals organization, but for the entire city of Cincinnati.

Burrow’s confidence is second to none.

The clip above is from the divisional round, where the Bengals put on an offensive clinic en route to a 27-10 victory.

Despite only being in the league for three seasons, Burrow plays with the poise and confidence of a ten-year NFL veteran.

Burrow’s supporting cast certainly helps his cause.

In between Ja’Mar Chase, Or Higgins, Tyler Boyd, Hayden Hurstand Joe MixonNora has no shortage of throwable weapons.

The Bears’ confidence is only confirmed and enhanced with these weapons around him, as they are all confident with the ball in their hands and usually find themselves on the reels with highlights.

Barrow and the Bengals will square off this weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs, a team Barrow has yet to lose to in his three-year NFL career.

Can his confidence carry him to a second straight Super Bowl appearance?

The Chiefs are a tough out, and their opportunistic defense will want to take advantage of any minute mistake the Bengals’ offense can make.

Tune in on Sunday for the much-anticipated rematch of the 2021 AFC Championship.

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