Jeremy Renner saved his nephew from a snowplow during an accident: report

Jeremy Renner became a true superhero when the details of the snowplow accident came to light.

A new report obtained by CNN from the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office in Nevada confirmed that Renner was saving his adult nephew from being hit when he himself was crushed by a car. The Jan. 1 accident left Renner with more than 30 broken bones.

The a miracle star was pulling his nephew’s truck out of the snow on a Pistenbully tractor when it started to slide down. The report said he jumped out “without applying the emergency brake” and then tried to stop the tractor from running over his nephew.

“After he got out of Pistenbuli, he realized he was heading straight for (his nephew),” the redacted report said. CNN. “He was afraid that Pistenbully was going to hit (his nephew) so he decided to try to stop or take Pistenbully away.”

This proves to be a difficult task, as the retrocrat moves along a walkway that Renner decides to climb up to enter the cockpit and regain control. The report said he was “immediately swept under the left track” and that the 14,330-pound vehicle “ran over” him.

A 911 call log obtained by CNN says Renner was “completely crushed” as the “right side of his chest” collapsed and his upper torso was “crushed.” The snowmobile “rolled over him and continued down the road,” the report said, while Renner “concentrated on his breathing.”

Renner was eventually tossed through the air to the intensive care unit of the regional hospital and underwent at least two operations. He made his first public statement on January 3 and said he was “too confused to type” but thanked his fans for their support nonetheless.

Renner is selfless in helping others get out of trouble, Reno Mayor Hilary Shive told the Reno Gazette-Journal. While he certainly sought to help his own nephew afterwards the New Year’s storm brought heavy snowfall to the regionit could reportedly be anyone.

“He helped someone who was in the snow. He always helps others.” Shiva told a local newspaper, adding that Renner usually helped the community without even announcing it. “He calls all the time and says, ‘Hey, mayor, what do you need?’

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