Ivory is a great new Mastodon client with an awesome name

Chase a developer away from your platform, and they’ll go elsewhere. But what happens when the developer is one of the best out there?

Earlier in January, Elon Musk’s Twitter Third-party clients are blocked on Twitter, including popular apps like Twitterific and Tweetbot. The company did it Refers to “long-standing” rules, though it added those rules after blocking these apps As a result, developers iconfactory(opens in a new window) And Tapbot(opens in a new window) Both shut down their Twitter clients (Twitterific and Tweetbot, respectively) because they had no way to get them working again.

Meanwhile, Twitter’s rival Dr Mastodon has been collected Millions of new usersMany of them are unhappy with the way Musk is running Twitter.

Now, Tapbot is launched Ivory(opens in a new window)A new iPhone app that takes Tweetbot’s aesthetic and many of its features and applies it to Mastodon.

(Side note: Ivory is a bad name for an app that features an elephant mascot. It’s one of those names we think will be changed in a week.)

Naming snafu aside, Ivory is pretty awesome. It’s not a huge departure from Mastodon’s iPhone client, but it makes the app a lot more…well, like Twitter. For example, when you first sign in, you’ll be able to change that mostly empty timeline to something that shows “local” or “federated” posts, which should be helpful for people migrating from Twitter. The bottom menu bar will also feel pretty familiar, with icons for Home, Mentions, Profile, Notifications, and Search.

There are also plenty of options regarding font type, size, highlight color and other refinements that will make your experience of using the app more enjoyable.

One of the fundamental features of Mastodon is that it does not rely on a single server; Instead, you need to create an account on one of those servers called Instance (I signed up at the fairly popular techhub.social(opens in a new window) For example), each instance has slightly different rules. This approach has its upsides, but I bet more people haven’t switched to Mastodon yet, because the process of choosing the right instance can be difficult. Ivory does not solve this; You still have to go through roughly the same steps, and signing up takes you away from the Ivory app and into your browser. But once you sign up, Ivory Mastodon makes using it a little easier.

Ivory costs $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year, but you get a seven-day free trial. TapBots calls Ivory an “early access” app as it plans to add more features to the app and iron out any bugs. Hopefully they start with the app’s unfortunate name.

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