Google Find My Device with ‘Save Last Location’ turned on

On top in recent years, rumors and leaks have pointed to Google’s work on a possible online competitor to Apple’s Find My. Rumors have been heating up lately, and now a new change rolled out to Google’s existing Find My Device service appears to be part of the foundation for a larger discovery service.

as seen Android Police, the Find My Device app is allowing you to change the “Save Last Location” option. If you enable the feature, Google will encrypt and store the last location of your phone and compatible accessories. Otherwise, the switch will prevent users from storing this data with Google.

Saving a device’s last location is a big part of finding something that doesn’t have an internet connection, which would prevent users from tracking the device’s live location.

It’s unclear when the switch will start appearing on devices — at the time of writing, my Pixel 7 didn’t have it. You can check by going to Settings > Security > Find My Device.

Android Police Samsung’s Find My Mobile feature for Galaxy devices indicates that Samsung’s Find My Mobile feature has a similar “Send Last Location” switch that allows the device to send its last location to Samsung servers when the battery level drops below a certain point.

In addition to this change, earlier this year we learned that Google was expanding Find My Device to work with Dual-Pair devices using ‘last known location’ reports. Find My Device currently works with Quick Pair accessories, but only while they’re connected to your phone. Google too It recently modernized the Find My Device app with a material that you redesign.

Meanwhile, a concept artist depicted what Google’s AirTag tracker would look like hilariously named the continuation of the concept “G Spot”.

Source: Android Police

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