FT Alphaville shutters Mastadon service

FT Alphaville has shut down its Mastadon server, writes Bryce Elder from the Financial Times.

Elder writes: “A few months ago FT Alphaville thought it might be fun to host a Mastodon server. Boy, were we wrong!

“So it is with relief and regret that we announce the closure of Alphaville.club, this blog’s completely unofficial home on the Fediverse. Our reasons are listed in full below, but to sum up, Mastodon has proven more trouble than it’s worth.

“If you signed up via Alphaville.club, it should be simple to move to an existing server. We intend to give everyone three months to vacate (as the Mastodon Server Covenant suggests), but if traffic drops to zero , we reserve the right to pull the plug earlier.

“In the meantime, for the benefit of needy billionaires and/or Morgan Stanley’s Distressed Debt & Special Situations team, here are some things we’ve learned about why taking responsibility for a social media site is a bad idea .”

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