Emperia raises £8.1m to unlock new opportunities for virtual retail

Virtual retail pioneer Emperia has raised $10 million to expand the capabilities of its groundbreaking virtual retail platform and bring the “e-commerce meta-universe” to new international markets and retail sectors.

Emperia, launched by fashion and retail expert Olga Dagadkina and virtual reality innovation expert Simonas Holtzman in 2019, has developed a platform that enables the creation of immersive virtual experiences for brands in various retail sectors.

These virtual spaces enhance omnichannel retail strategies by creating new digital touchpoints that drive engagement and increase sales. Importantly, the virtual worlds made possible by Emperia are powerful revenue drivers.

The platform has increased conversion rates for its brand partners by an average of 73 percent (compared to traditional e-commerce websites) since its inception in 2019, with an average ROI of 750 percent. Globally, more than $120 billion was invested in metaworld technology in the first five months of 2022, with 79 percent of consumers actively using the metaverse making purchases while there.

Emperia already works with world-renowned retailers, including Bloomingdales, Dior and Lacoste, as best-in-class retailers strive to create impactful brand experiences and bring a powerful new dimension to online commerce, transforming the future of shopping into digital. the natives.

Emperia will use the new funding to expand its team, expand its virtual store SaaS platform and expand the capabilities of the dataset it operates on; accelerating Emperia’s global market presence and solidifying its position as the future of experiential retail and entertainment.

Emperia will also work with partners to bring together various global virtual e-commerce solutions under one roof; leveraging the fast-growing Web3 ecosystem and its partners’ unique retail brands and technologies to deliver game-changing customers.

Olga Dagadkina, CEO and co-founder of Emperia, comments: “Working in the fashion industry, it became clear to me that e-commerce was the future, but 2D websites were just a tool that allowed online shopping, but they were missing the customer. the journey and storytelling that brands strive for. The solution was to bridge this gap with the goal of making virtual experiences the future of brands’ long-term e-commerce strategy.

“We strongly believe in being data-driven, which is why all of our virtual experiences are designed with the inclusion of analytics reflected in layout, design, user experience and product placement. What matters is that we do this in a way that has a clear impact on sales, traffic, engagement and brand perception.

“I am confident that the pool of investors participating in this round, both from the US and Europe, will create an excellent network of advisors as Emperia continues its global expansion, starting with the next generation of e-commerce. I look forward to delivering an even more impactful experience for our brand partners.”

Pa Mark Adair – Correspondent of Bdaily

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