Elden Ring streamer plays with the power of his brain

Twitch streamer Perrikaryal play Ring of Elders in a way that most would never suspect.

The streamer played the game hands-free, thanks to an electroencephalogram (EEG) device with 14 black sensors attached to the skin.

Perri says he linked brain activity to specific key links, allowing him to control the ultra-difficult title with just his mind.

He also says words like “heal” and “attack” to perform certain moves. as shared by Jake LuckyThe esports journalist, Perri says different actions to help you think straight, stimulating the brain’s EEG activity linked to different abilities.

This is not something that anyone can do, however.

according to my city, who spoke with Dr. Candidate Cody Cao, EEG technology is not 100 percent accurate. Instead, you only get 60 to 70 percent accuracy compared to the 90 to 100 percent you get when playing with a controller.

“Algorithms require a lot of training to achieve acceptable performance. “It’s likely that you’d have to experience many different instances of the same thing (like Perri saying ‘attack’ before attacking) to account for most attacks,” Cao said. my city in an interview “It’s like FaceID on your iPhone – it gets better with more and more examples.”

Perri stated that they are trying to bring EEG use to the attention of the general public because it has many applications, including helping those with disabilities.

Source: @JakeSucky, my city

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