Deaths of journalists increased by 50% last year

Led by killings in Haiti, Ukraine and Mexico, Deaths of journalists increased by 50% in 2022reports the New York Committee to Protect Journalists.

In Mexico, the killings appeared to be due to a toxic mix of drug gang violence, local political corruption and a lack of punishment for killers.

Sonia de Anda reports for the news website Esquina32 in the northern border city of Tijuana, where two journalists were killed in the space of one week in January 2022. She said reporters there have changed their work habits or requested police protection since the killings.

“This changed our whole work dynamic,” said De Anda. “If reporters go to a high-risk area that’s further away, they’ll tell their colleagues where they’re going.” She also noted that requests for official protection “increased exponentially” after the killings.

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