Court ruling on the killing of campers

Lynn, 56, is alleged to have killed the pair on March 20 that year while they were all camping in the remote Wonnangatta area of ​​the Victorian alpine region.

Greg Lynn has been remanded in custody in Victoria. (Facebook)

How he allegedly killed them or what the motive was was not revealed at the Melbourne Magistrates Court hearing where prosecutors and Lynn’s defense team examined the evidence against him.

Lin denies the allegations.

The lead investigator, Detective Sergeant Brett Florence, is set to finish his evidence when the case resumes on Wednesday afternoon.

He is the final witness before Judge Brett Sonnet decides whether there is enough evidence to send Lynn for trial in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Russell Hill and Carol Clay went missing in March 2020 after going camping in a remote area in the Wonnangatta Valley region of the Victorian Alps.
Russell Hill and Carol Clay went missing in March 2020 after going camping in a remote area in the Wonnangatta Valley. (Is presented)
They disappeared in the remote alpine region of Victoria, prompting a desperate search. (nine)

Significant parts of Florence’s evidence are withheld from publication.

Lynn’s barrister, Dermot Dunn KC, was granted an injunction preventing the publication of details of his client’s four-day police interview, a July 2020 police statement and a recorded conversation with police.

He said the content of this evidence could be considered potentially explosive and argued that it posed a real and substantial risk of harm to the administration of justice.

The lovers’ camp was found burned down shortly after they were reported missing. (nine)

Details released during the four-day trial included allegations that Lynn killed Hill and Clay, their childhood sweethearts, who were reunited at a Bucks Camp campsite just after 6pm on March 20.

In a summary of some of the evidence, police argued that the circumstances of the couple’s deaths and Lynn’s subsequent behavior were consistent with an intent to kill them or at least cause them serious injury.

Lynn is alleged to have staged and defaced the crime scene – setting fire to the camp to deliberately destroy evidence.

Lynn’s Nissan Patrol, which was allegedly used to transport the bodies, and Greg Lynn. (nine)

He is also accused of removing evidence and disposing of the couple’s remains at a separate location near Dargo.

“During May 2020 and/or November 2020, the accused returned to the bodies of Hill and Clay where he further tampered with the human remains to destroy the deceased,” the police summary alleges.

“It involved burning them, dispersing them and partially burying them.”

Lynn’s Caroline Springs home and car were wiretapped, and she was recorded talking to herself, referring to the deaths of Hill and Clay.

The remains of the couple were found on November 29, 2021.

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