An MLB analyst shared a sad fact about the Reds

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

If you thought last year Cincinnati Reds were bad and cheap, wait till you see their 2023 team.

It’s not necessarily worse in terms of names, but it doesn’t look much better either.

And of course there’s the salary cap situation if you want to see where the franchise is headed.

“27.75% pay cut, largest in MLB,” tweeted analyst John Becker, citing another tweet that said the organization was likely done with the roster.

Since the end of the World Series, the Reds have traded for Kevin Newman, Casey is a vegetable and Nick is left-handed and signed free agents Will Myers, Luke Weaver, Kurt Casali and Luke Maile.

Some of these players have upside, but they are not the moves of a team trying to compete for a division crown or even a Wild Card.

The Reds payroll is still under $100 million and is projected to be the lowest opening day number since 2017.

Reds fans deserve better than this.

They were actually fighting for a playoff spot in the second half of the 2021 season.

After they failed to do so, the Castellinis decided to tear everything down and start over.

It was a particularly painful process.

Last year they started with a terrible 3-22 record.

Let that sink in and consider how many professional teams in any major sport have been this bad recently.

They shared last place in the NL Central with the equally cheap Pittsburgh Pirates at 62-100.

Supporters are asking when this treatment will end.

They deserve much better owners.

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