Adam Schiff Torches Kevin McCarthy after being blocked by the Intel Committee

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) warned Speaker McCarthy that he would stop Democrats from defending democracy by kicking them out of committees.

Schiff video:

Rep. Schiff said:

I can only say that Mr. McCarthy’s rationalizations, justifications keep changing. The cardinal sin seems to be that I led the impeachment of his master at Mar-a-Lago, for withholding hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to Ukraine, a nation at war with Russia to extort that country to help Donald Trump. re-election campaign. We showed those facts and we have the first bipartisan vote in the Senate in history to remove a president. Kevin McCarthy calls this a farce. Well, it wasn’t a hoax.

But he will do the former president’s bidding. This is something that the former president wants. I can assure you that if the former president or Kevin McCarthy believes that this will stop any of us from fighting to protect our democracy, they will find that the opposite is true. We will only intensify our commitment to do so.
I would like to mention with respect to Mr. Swalwell also that, as he indicated, I sat in on that briefing. When Kevin McCarthy turns around and does that disservice to Americans, it’s shameful.
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Mr. Swalwell served honorably on our committee. Never accused of any wrongdoing. This is a blatantly unfair smear by Mr. McCarthy. But that’s what traffic is. That’s what we see.

Republicans are likely to lose the House next year. Rep. Schiff will likely run for the Senate in 2024, but McCarthy’s version of Trump’s political payback and appeasement is likely to have a very short shelf life.

Democrats will work even harder to protect the nation, and will not be deterred by Kevin McCarthy’s anti-democratic tactics.

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